The Burden Placed Over the World By the One Called 666

The planet is in crisis from every angle. There are diseases out of control along with the burdens of financial turmoil and massive unemployment. Climate change and loss of species are adding to the confusion about what the world faces. Terrorism is mostly uncontrollable as almost every country is experiencing it. Add to that the natural disasters and refusal of some to try to save it. The question is who is to blame?

While many do not believe in prophecies the cause of what is happening now is laid out in there and is very clear. The facts are that things are working to a plan, which was decided from the beginning. It is focused on allowing man to do his worst under the direction of the Second Beast.

Who he is and what he did is part of the history of our times but his role in overseeing what is happening now was hidden. He is responsible for the religions; Beliefs; Discrimination; Wars; Violence; And extremely the current state of the world. He put in place the systems on which the World Order stands and the establishment that stands like a barrier to the truth.

Anyone who tries to bypass that barrier is met with huge resistance and even death. It was originally built by sun-worship and the Mother God who supposedly ruled over the earth and was responsible for all life on it. The sun was considered the provider and in its absence winter overtakes the earth and all thought to die.

This is the basis of religious beliefs that exist today. The Mother God of Babylon, whose name was Mary, was the object of man’s affection. The religion established by 666 is the Catholic Church in which Mary remains the chief God to whom its followers pray.

So who is this wonder of God’s creation that was given so much power. His name is Constantine (constant in English) and he kept in place all the things of sun-worship. He is the Second beast of Revelation 13: 12-18 and his systems regarding inheritance, finance, religions, and powerful institutions, remain in place.

Without his identity being known his work has survived. But no one buys or sells without his name and number imprinted on them. Money is an invention for power and control and he knew how to enforce laws to make it so for all time.

He used religion and the false gods to worm his way into people’s hearts and minds. He invented Jesus Christ and created hatred and male domination that put women in the place of second-rate citizens. His time is up, however, as it is now all revealed.


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