Human Relations in 21st Century – Relations in Age of Internet

We are in the 21st Century … and here the life is Busy … Very Busy. “We do not have time” that is what we say to others. Lets see, if we do not have time or if we do not know how to manage our time or our intentions are not right.

We all carry mobile phones (also known as “Hand Phones” and “Cell Phones” in other parts of the world) … all the time, walking, eating, working, traveling … even at the time of sleeping, But we do not have time to send a message or give a call to our parents or relatives.

In this era, it is impossible to think about a life without Internet (Earlier having internet at home was symbol symbol … but now it is a need) … we have Internet in office … we have Internet at home, But we do not find even few minutes in a day to write few words for our friends.

We are living in Jet-Age … we can reach anywhere … any part of the world, in less than 24 hours. But we do not have time to see our siblings’ … brothers or sisters … who are living in same city, probably in the same colony.

We never forget to read newspaper or watch television to keep ourselves updated with the latest news … latest happening in the world … but we hardly get time to know as what is happening in our colony or in our family.

We have time to go to Movie Theaters, Picnics, Shopping malls but we do not have time to visit our kids in their school or college and inquire about their performance … their strengths and areas of improvements and if we do not have Time … then of course, they will be Arrogant, Egoistic, ill-mannered and will be in the same manner as I mentioned in my last write-up “Learning from experience”.

In this fast paced world … as we are growing; … growing in terms of wealth, recognition, fame, rewards etc … but what we are missing is … these “Human Relations”.

Time is moving fast … people are growing fast. The mantra of life is “The more I get the more I want”. Gone are the days when people use to say, “Saayian Itna Deejeye jaamey kutumb samaye. Mein bhi Bhukha na rahoon, Sadhu na Bhukha Jaaye” (Oh God, I do not need anything extra I just need to be enough for to take care Of my guests and my family.

I have seen, couples staying in the same house or probably in the same room … but they only meet on weekends. It is only on weekends that they get time to speak to each other.

For years together … we do not see our siblings and then when we meet, we say “Oh my lovely neice … Itni si thi jab dekhi thi. .you were just a kid, now you have grown so much). If you do not get time … your niece will not stop growing, right?

Friends … the purpose and emotions involved in this relationship have gone for the toss. We only call our friends … when we are in need. I know … some of my “known friends” who call only at the time when they need any job … or any advice or suggestion.

So, where are we actually going? Where are we heading for? Is this what we all want in our life? Are we willing to pay this cost for what we want in our life? We need to look within to find the answer. Are we so poor in managing our time? Or we are so poor in understanding the importance of “Human Relations”.

No one likes … “opportunistic relations” or “Just in need relationships” … people want to be in touch. Spending time for these relationships … is not waste of time … but “PROPER INVESTMENT OF TIME”.

Well, these are my views on “Human Relations” and their importance. You can have different perception … different thinking and beliefs. Let me have your comments and feedback on this.

Looking forward to your feedbacks and comments.

Have a great day and stay in touch. Take very good care of yourself … because you are different … you are special.


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